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December 13th, 14th, 15th - 2019

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Welcome to The Paddle Room

The Paddle Room is committed to motivating and inspiring new and existing pickleballers into the sport while helping them improve their game.

All About Us

What we’re all about and its founders

The Paddle Room was created out of necessity to have more Pickleball playing space in order to accommodate the rapidly increasing demand of organized play in the city. Our indoor-only fully dedicated Pickleball facility offers two full size Pickleball courts and one Dinking court and is available 24/7 for members to enjoy year round.


The Paddle Room was founded by two world class athletes that competed both locally and internationally in Squash and Table Tennis throughout their careers, achieving many national and international titles.


These athletes later transitioned to Pickleball and incorporated their style of play into the sport which gave them an advantage in the game. They now want to share their progress and success with other people to help them grow and become better players. Their main focus is to help others gather and develop the skills necessary to take their game to the next level.



Where is your facility located?

We are open 24/7 with key fob access for members.

What are your operating hours?

Currently, our facility is located in St. Albert. 

#115, 25 Chisholm Ave St. Albert, Alberta

T8N 5A5

What are your staff hours?

Monday through Friday 10am to 7pm. Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm


General Membership "Monthly":

  • $99.00 a month + GST.

  • “One Time” initial enrolment fee of $45. 

  • This membership gives you access to online court bookings 24hrs a day.

  • Access to the club 24hrs a day

General Membership "Yearly" 10% discount:

  • $1069.20 + GST "This includes the 10% yearly member discount"

  • "One time" initial enrolment fee of $45

  • 4 free guest passes with this membership

  • This membership gives you access to online court bookings 24hrs a day.

  • Access to the club 24hrs a day

Limited Membership:

  • Yearly fee of $269 + GST

  • "One time" initial enrolment fee of $45

  • Discounted rate of $6.50 every time you play

  • Access to the club from 9am until 8:30pm

Regular drop-in Rates: $13.00 (must call ahead to book)

Guest passes also available

               4-pack passes: $48 + GST

               9-pack passes: $99 + GST

              25-pack passes: $249 + GST

Monthly Membership for Juniors:

  • $35.00 + GST

  • "One time" initial enrolment fee of $45

  • Access to the club 24hrs a day with adult supervision

Contact Us

#115, 25 Chisholm Ave St. Albert, Alberta

T8N 5A5


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